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It’s Time You Started Thinking About Your Vocal Skills

We make decisions based on how people sound: all of us, all of the time. So it’s important to start thinking about how your vocal skills represent you.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

We all make decisions about people when we hear them speak, when we hear their voices and their vocal skills.

Just think about the last time you answered the telephone to someone you didn’t know—you made a decision about them, whether you liked them or didn’t, whether you wanted to hang up or move the phone away from your ear.

Sometimes (if we’re honest) we even imagine what people look like based on hearing a voice.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

A number of years ago my other half and I decided to get married… in three weeks!

My first job was to call the marriage registry office. I was speaking with this lady, going through possible venue options and paper work.

After about a half-hour call, I just asked her straight out.

“Do you conduct the ceremonies?”

She answered, “Yes”

And I said, “well, will you do our ceremony?”

Why did I make this decision about this lady? I had never met her!

I know nothing about her.

Why did I trust this stranger for this pretty important day in my life?

Well, it was simple: her voice.

When she spoke—I instantly made a decision, I imagined what she would look like.

I felt relaxed talking with her. She had a natural, warm and friendly voice.

She spoke with clarity and an excellent pace. I sensed an honesty when she spoke, I felt confident in her abilities.

Of course there are technical vocal terms on what I have just described, but that’s for later.

Can people change the quality of their vocal skills?

Yes they can, and they do, all the time.

And I hope through this blog over the years to share with you as much as I can about how you can improve your vocal impact.

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  1. Piaras MacDonnell
    Piaras MacDonnell says:

    Nice post (and congratulations!)

    Early in my consulting career I was taught to smile when I’m on the phone with a client and it made a huge difference to both the way I communicate and in the quality of service I delivered. I could even hear their smile.


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