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The Confident Speak Award for Best Talk goes to… The Guy with the Frog at TEDx Dublin!

We are lucky enough to have attended several TEDx Dublin events – for business and pleasure, you understand! One of the most impressive talks we’ve witnessed was that of Fergus McAuliffe in 2013. Here’s why.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

TEDx Dublin Best Talk Fergus McAuliffe Canadian Wood Frog

The Confident Speak crew attended TEDx Dublin in September 2013, and amongst the many experienced speakers on the day it was a young Environmental Scientist called Fergus McAuliffe who most impressed our team.

This softly spoken Cork man recently won the “FameLab International” competition where entrants were judged according to the golden rule of the 3 C’s

  • Content
  • Clarity
  • Charisma

Competing against 20 other finalists at this Times Cheltenham Science Festival, his talk was about how the wood frog in Canada blurs the line between life and death.

He spoke at TEDx in Dublin about the challenge he faced in communicating this effectively to both the scientific and non-scientific community since a scientist’s thought pattern—due of the nature of their work—has to be primarily objective whilst those of us not in the field of science tend to be more subjective.

His solution was to tell a story, one that would appeal to both scientists and non-scientists alike.

He relayed that story to us on Saturday afternoon, and it worked!

We sat upright, glued to the stage, listening to every detail.

We may have held no preconception or indeed had any interest before this speech in the Canadian Wood Frog.

By the end of Fergus’s talk, though, we were hooked on this little fella and how his antifreeze like blood prevents him from freezing to death in winter!

Fergus’s full speech is below (and below that again, the “science bit” from his FameLab speech earlier in 2013)

Fergus McAuliffe’s TEDx Dublin talk on the Canadian Wood Frog

Fergus McAuliffe’s talk at FameLab 2013


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