“Develop a greater understanding of the connection between words, body, voice and people”

Ariadne Laurenns

Ariadne Laurenns Confident SpeakA qualified English language coach, Ariadne is a passionate believer in the power of authentic communication and as anyone that knows her will tell you, she lives and breathes this passion in her day to day life and communications .

She brings to the team her many years of experience in a variety of roles in Theatre, Radio, Coaching, Research, Account Management, Telecoms, Marketing and Sales

Ariadne engages with and most importantly ‘listens’ to each and every one of our clients and documents their/their team’s specific requirements and challenges. Her skills as a listener and documenter allow us to design and create a unique & bespoke training experience for each of our clients.

As Director of our Training Department, Ariadne manages and coordinates our busy team of skilled consultants and oversees the successful delivery of all of our training programmes.

Her chief focus is always on the client, supporting them through out the training process and making the whole experience as enjoyable, easy and stress free as possible; from the initial call right through to the post delivery stage.

Ariadne says;

“The first conversation with a new client always feels like the opening chapter of a new book and for my part of it, listening is key!

I am always acutely conscious, particularly in those early stages, of the trust that we are building with the client. They are effectively putting their communication success and even the success of their career in our hands. I feel honoured to be part of a team that delivers on that trust time and time again!

By far, the most rewarding part of what I do has to be, hearing back from our clients about the transformation our training has had on their confidence and ability to present and speak in front of an audience. To know that we have made a difference and have helped them to become the communicators that they were always meant to be, is a truly wonderful experience. Job satisfaction doesn’t get much better than that!”

The Rest of the ConfidentSpeak Team

Olivia MacDonnell

Olivia is a professional speaker, voice and executive presence coach. Having worked in IT and banking, she later attended London’s most prestigious drama school. Asking the questions, “How do the top performers manage to engage their audiences so superbly?” and “What could the business world learn from the world’s top performers?” led her to found ConfidentSpeak.

Maria Tecce

Maria’s experience as a professional actor, singer, and writer launched her on the road to coaching almost 15 years ago. Having toured with her one-woman shows and performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues and opera houses for 20 years, she then adapted her skills to coach professionals in the corporate market.

Dr Celine Mullins

Celine Mullins is a Psychologist (PhD), Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, with over 15 years experience in the fields of psychology, education and business.

Bernie McNelis

Bernie is an experienced Executive Coach and Trainer with a background in theatre spanning 20+ years as an actor, director, voice coach and corporate role-player. As a consultant, she coaches individuals and teams to C-suite level across a wide range of industries from professional services to manufacturing in career planning, leadership development, assessment and career transition.

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