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Working with Stryker leadership and teams

Since 2016, Confident Speak has worked with hundreds of Stryker individuals, both in group communications training programmes and 1-to-1 leadership and executive coaching. 

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Confident Speak Stryker 1-to-1 Leadership and Executive Coaching Programmes

1:1 Leadership Presence & Executive Coaching

A bespoke programme designed to support Stryker leadership roles

  • Build visibility, impact and presence
  • Figure out your next career move
  • Be  in a strong position to step up to promotional opportunities
  • Specialised support for those moving from technical roles to people focused leadership roles
Confident Speak Stryker Group Programmes

1:1 Speak To Inspire & Influence Programme

A bespoke programme designed to support Stryker executives and leaders

  • Articulate ideas, progress, and vision with increased confidence and empathy
  • Build greater impact, influence and presence
  • Communicate with authority and move audicences to action.

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