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What We Can Learn From The Steve Jobs Presentation Style

I recently read an article from the eloquent Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design which discusses the “Jobs” movie, starring Ashton Kucher in the lead role. During this article Ms Duarte observes that despite the movie’s mixed reviews, the one thing that it reminds us off is what a great presenter Steve was. So what was it that made us hang on every word of every Steve Jobs presentation?

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

Steve Jobs presentation style

Here is a list of few of Steve Jobs’s key presentation skills which we should all keep in mind.

1. Every Steve Jobs Presentation Had A Very Clear Message

Steve Jobs left his audience knowing exactly why a product was built, the problem it solved and how.

His prime focus throughout his talks was in getting his message across in a clear and easily digested way.

2. He Uses Careful Timing

The average attention span of an audience is about 10 minute and Jobs generally split up his presentation in to ten minutes segments to make each section more palatable to his listeners

3. He Adheres To The Rule of Three

The “rule of three” writing principle suggests that things that are presented in three are more satisfying & more effective than those presented in numbers of more or less.

Every Steve Jobs presentation always had several lists of three message points.


Because he knew that a list of three things is far easier to remember than five or ten, and infinitely more intriguing than in two or one.

It’s an oratory technique that might just be as old as oratory itself.

(Former British Prime Minister David Cameron was also a great believer in the rule of three. Read more on David Cameron in our public speaking techniques blog.)

4. Jobs Clearly Prepared and Rehearsed His Material

Jobs prepared for every presentation meticulously. Like all great presenters, he understood that presentations must be rehearsed over and over again to be truly great.

5. He Harnessed The Power Of Silence

Some times overlooked and often under used, careful use of both pause & silence through out a presentation can have a powerful impact on your listeners.

Steve became a master of this. At every launch he reeled in his audience with suspense whilst at the same time making them feel like they were witnessing not just the launch of a consumer product but an historical moment.

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Steve Jobs Presentation At Its Best

I”m sure we all have our favourite Steve Jobs presentation but I think the  March 2011 launch of the iPad 2 Keynote sees him at his best…

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