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Achieve Stage Presence – Presenting Magically: Transforming your Stage Presence Book Review

Author Tad James David Shephard – Presenting Magically: Transforming your Stage Presence

stage presence

Level My personal feeling is that this book is not for the novice presenter.  It does offer a different and powerful approach to the art of presentation and achieving stage presence.  This is done through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  Some prior knowledge of NLP would be useful.

Layout The text is heavy.  It is broken up with practical exercises throughout. This is a book you’ll dip in and out as you work on your stage presence.  I liked this book and found it a valuable read.

What is the theme of the book? It’s about achieving stage presence

The author describes the NLP approach to presenting as an attitude of mind rather than a set of techniques and therefore a refreshing approach.  The key message they communicate throughout the book is encouraging a presenter to be comfortable with being themselves.   The book explores and challenges the reader on personal limiting beliefs.  Questions are asked about a presenter’s/reader’s  “fear” of presenting.  The reader is given an insight into addressing insecurities and fears.  This book at times is very thought provoking.


3 Things I liked

 Chapters on Presence & Energy

The book offers powerful techniques on how to establish strong presence, and positive energy with an audience.  The techniques on mental and physical preparation were excellent.  I liked the sense of being at one with the room. There is great advice on rapport and audience connection.

Connecting with your Audience

There are very useful exercises on connecting with your audience and establishing rapport- very useful.

Something different – Language & Structure

There is an interesting angle on language usage (using NLP).  If you are curious about the language skills of charismatic presenters you’ll find some interesting insights in these chapters.  The authors ask presenters to develop their presentations using metaphors. The authors advise towards a simplistic approach to language, structure and content.

   “most of the big things in life are simple”.

3 Things I didn’t like


There is quite a lot of jargon throughout this book despite the authors best efforts,this can be heavy going for the reader at times.

A challenging read

The book does offer undeniable advice.  It would be a challenge for any reader sitting alone trying to figure it all out.   I felt a practical course (on Presenting using NLP) is an imperative with this book.

Some of the exercises are challenging and long winded.


I’d recommend this book to experienced presenters who already have a basic understanding of NLP.  It’s my opinion that this book is a useful book for people wanting to work on acquiring greater stage presence.

if you liked this blog then you will certainly find these interesting, so enjoy the read!

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