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My Story

“Judi Dench, Laurence Olivier, Graham Norton, Vanessa Redgrave, Andrew Garfield”

What do all these people have in common with me? You may well ask!

My career started as an I.T. and banking executive, and overnight I found myself treading the boards of one of London’s most prestigious Drama schools (The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama).

Why this unusual sidestep?

The Magic?

What value do I bring to your event?

Every serious, focused and successful event needs speakers who are experienced and professional

  • With twelve years of experience delivering talks, masterclasses and seminars, I am a qualified success changer for those who want to lead, engage and succeed when they speak.
  • Running events can be challenging – speakers shouldn’t be! I’m professional, helpful, and focused on doing whatever it takes to make your event a success.
  • Your event needs to deliver to the audience – I provide a real learning opportunity for all attendees who will leave with a nugget of knowledge which they can act on immediately.
  • Event plans and speaker commitments can sometimes not quite go to plan! I am flexible and versatile so have the ability to slot in at short notice to your event schedule.

Do you want a speaker who will engage your audience?

  • I understand and answer the challenges faced by STEM businesses right now in relation to engaging, influencing and connecting with audiences.
  • As someone from a business background who, also having trained at one of London’s most prestigious Drama schools, I understand how to engage and connect with your audiences in an authentic way which delivers results.
  • Audiences leave with valuable, practical techniques and actions they can use immediately – result.
  • It’s not a “sit and slump kinda show!!” My talks and seminars are interactive & practical but grounded in relevance for executives.

Do you want a speaker who delivers lasting impact, not forgettable lectures?

Every event is unique, so my keynotes/seminars are tailored and unique for your event.

I’m available for:

(1) Keynotes

(2) Seminars & Masterclasses

(3) Panel Discussions

(4) Provision of coaching to other speakers

Sample Topics

  1. In a tech world “Own your Space” How to engage and influence with presence. Secrets shared from the world of performance.
  2. How do you command attention which is listened to and generates results? The mistakes which keep occurring in the boardroom which are detrimental to engaging and influencing audiences.
  3. Why you need “stage presence” more than ever in the world of technology. Secrets shared from the world of performance. A journey from technology to theatre And back again!
  4. The theatrics of audience engagement and presence in an IT world!  A journey from technology to theatre And back again!
  5. Despite amazing advancements in technology, it still can’t give you the confidence to thrive, the presence to persuade, the ability to move any audience. Let’s discuss and get results.
  6. Be heard! Are you being taken seriously when you communicate? Are you making the classic TECH SPEAK mistakes?

Sample Outcomes

  • Understand what “presence” is and how to use it to achieve positive results for success.
  • The ability to bring the element of performance and gravitas to communication – Learn to “Own Your Space”.
  • Discover a “Confidence Model” to ensure composure in those tough situations.
  • Learn vocal secrets from the world of performance! Use your voice proactively to engage and connect.
  • Understand the importance of emotional connection.
  • Learn a process to help craft focused, impactful messages to help you influence with success.
  • Discover a smart streamlined preparation process that can be applied to important and all communications.
  • Identify 3 Cs in content – “Colour, Credibility and Clarity” to ensure audiences understand and remember you – creating sticky factor!

Client Comments

“I highly recommend to those motivated
to improve their communication skills in professional and personal life”

Eibhlin Payne, Director, Blizzard

“The programme has the potential to transform you
and those you work with.”

Frank Tiernan, Senior Project Manager,

“This was a wonderful event [.. ]we
began applying the new tools the very
next day.  It was also a super team
building exercise”

Senior Director, Global Delivery

“Olivia is an amazing.  She really helped bring the communications up to the level needed. She supported scaling
my influence and career progression”

Evgeni Agronik, Head of Sales Google
Marketing Solutions

S.T.E.M. Communications & Coaching


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