improving the sound of your own voice

Improving the Sound of your Own Voice: Quick Tips for Success

We have all known someone whose voice drives us crazy, yet so many of us are clueless that our own voices are making a bad impression. Here are a few quick tips to analyse the sound of your own voice, and give it every chance of being the best it can be.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

improving the sound of your own voice

When it comes to our own voices the truth is this.

We don’t hear our own voice as others hear it!

The voice travels through the bones of the head before reaching the speaker’s ears, which changes the way it sounds.

Many voice problems can be eased through coaching including exercises to support the voice through improved breathing, or to strengthen laryngeal muscles.

Like many voice coaches we often receive requests for voice coaching where an employer raises the issue as a problem for co-workers or customers.

One of our common and proven effective practices is to use audio recordings to give clients more awareness of how they sound.

On top of that, we teach vocal exercises designed to support the voice through improved posture and breathing.

A little vocal awareness and some good habits can make a big difference!

Some quick ways to improve the sound of your own voice

  • Learn to warm up and rest your voice before and after intense use, such as teaching or coaching.
  • Record your voice on your phone and listen to how you actually sound.
  • Ask a friend or co-worker to signal to you discreetly if you lapse into bad habits such as using ‘um’ or ‘you know.’
  • Increase your fluid intake and avoid frequent throat-clearing to keep the vocal cords healthy.
  • Ask a voice coach for breathing and vocal exercises to make your voice more resonant and relaxed (feel free to contact us here)
  • Have your hearing checked if your voice is too loud.
  • For persistent problems such as vocal fatigue or hoarseness see a voice coach or specialist.

And now sit back, close your eyes and listen to this as an example of a speaking voice we can all aspire to…

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