vocal skills

“Sing It Mummy Sing It” Engaging Your Audience Isn’t Always Childs Play…

vocal skills

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)


I often tell clients that the most difficult audience to engage is little children – if you don’t engage them vocally they will simply tune out – then you have lost your audience!


So What Do I Mean By ‘Vocally Engaging’…

Well, by using contrast in your voice throughout a story you will effectively bring the words to life so think…

  • Pitch variety
  • Contrast in volume
  • Change in pace
  • Use of pause.    

Being aware of the above aspects throughout your reading or storytelling will help you to lift the words off the page, evoke emotion and keep both the attention as well as the imagination of the little listeners alive.

The Test

I have a 2 year old that puts me to the test on a regular basis. Reading her stories is I have to admit hard work some times. If I lose interest, or just start reading as if to myself – I hear “sing it mummy sing it” and she turns back the page and waits for my next attempt. 


(please note – the above photo is not aforementioned 2 year old!)

The Reality

This works on grownups too!! With an adult audience they are not as forthcoming with their comments – they simply tune out and once they have done that you have almost certainly lost them…


An Honest Critique 

So to my most honest critique – my 2 year old reminds me that engaging your listener takes practice, energy and a will to be effective…what ever their age!!

Ok, anyone for a story?…..



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