Vocal Presence In-Company Programme

ConfidentSpeak has created an effective voice and speech programme to assist businesses in all sectors. Using time-honoured techniques from preforming arts and honed for business executives, we can transform your team’s credibility and confidence.

We use a comprehensive assessment process to identify key challenges. This allows us to then customise a programme for your specific business needs. We work on a small group basis, depending on the company’s needs.

Consciously using your voice as an effective communication tool is a skill. Like all skills it can be taught, learned and practiced to become better.


  • Is your team required to influence, educate or simply connecting with customers or clients regularly?
  • Do you feel your team could be more polished and impactful in their verbal communication?
  • Does your team need to communicate with confidence and credibility via teleconference or video conference on a regular basis?

Imagine using techniques honed in the performing arts to make vocal delivery more compelling and engaging. We will teach your business how to do that in our dedicated In-company group programme.


This tailored programme includes proven voice principles such as:

  • The fundamentals of vocal production – posture, breath and tension – understanding where your voice comes from.
  • When and how to use your voice strategically for emphasis – through work on volume, pitch range and inflection.
  • Understanding and learn to build emotional connection with your listeners.
  • Pace and Timing – keep them on the edge of their seats! and instil credibility.
  • “The Power of the Pause”  Make sure they HEAR your message.
  • How to sound instantly more credible with work on articulation.

Using tools such as video and audio recordings, our vocal experts, coach your people in using all these techniques to make their communication easier and more effective. After the intensive programme, follow up one to one coaching sessions makes sure the training really ‘sticks’.


“It was excellent. The voice couch was so lovely and helpful and I would recommend that all consultants do it.”

“Very beneficial and no harm to do something like that every now and then as it refocuses you and makes you look at your own style and check where you can improve it.”

“Excellent programme, would recommend to all consultants.”

“Goes beyond standard practices of how to present and refocuses you on what you are saying and not just how you are saying it.”

Senior Consultants, Cornmarket Financial Services  

This was my first exposure to techniques used in the world of theatre and I found it excellent.  The coaching was very practical and effective.  It was better than expected. I found every aspect very practical and useful. It’s a very good service and I hope to do more training with you in the future”

Breda Keena,  Founder at Depublish


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