In-Company Present with Presence Programme

We believe that in order to embed confidence and polish when delivering presentations two very distinct and separate skill sets are required:

  1. Content Design
  2. Presence

Both these skills must go hand in hand to achieve successful results.  This programme has been successfully and repeatedly used by major Irish and International businesses, who are household names.

With years of hands on experience, and using proven to work techniques, relied on by famous actors and public speakers, we can make every word you say more effective.


The programme is designed using the ConfidentSpeak approach.  It has been developed in-house and improved in the field, until it became  the proven success it is today.  Typically used by organisations to upskill specific teams.  The programme is focused on business communication and presentation specifically.

It focuses on :

  • How to make what you say credible and engaging to audiences.
  • Maintaining a focus on the objective of presentations.
  • Creating a commanding presence when speaking, to gain buy-in from audiences
  • Adjusting your voice and tone to help your audience connect emotionally with you and your content
  • Building Personal Presence and Brand.  Make yourself stand out from your competitors.


With a maximum of six attendees, this programme is specifically designed for business organisations. It is designed to include both the underlying theory of strong communication and hands-on practical application. It is a focused environment where experienced consultants work directly with groups wishing to sharpen skills whilst also building confidence to achieve business objectives.

Elements include:

  • Using ConfidentSpeak’s Models to help structure your messaging in a time efficient, results-focused manner
  • Learning how to make what you say engaging and credible to your audience
  • Using your voice to engage your audience and create a commanding presence when speaking
  • Acquiring performance techniques, enabling you to “Own your Space” and connect emotionally with your audience
  • Focusing attention on you and what you are saying. Allowing you to deliver your message effectively to an attentive audience.

Repeated rehearsals allows each attendee to use and apply the techniques and understand how best to use them in their own case. The programme has been successfully and repeatedly used by major Irish and International businesses, who are household names.

Confident Speak will unlock the confidence in you!


“ConfidentSpeak training enabled my  team to deliver effective communication to our customers .The focus on  content with simple messaging gave them the confidence to stand up and be heard”

“Confident Speak highlighted the need for advance  preparation for big presentations to our customers”

Mike McCarthy, Commercial Director Kerry Group

“I have already fed back that is was excellent and the improvement in all participants in basically 24 hours was astonishing. This has already saved me time due to informed preparation and sharpened focus. I have also found a voice”

Key Account Manager, Doehler UK

“Working with ConfidentSpeak helped me raise the effectiveness of my verbal and non-verbal business communication which I am pleased to say is generating positive results all round. The program is well thought out and systematic”

Director at Blizzard Entertainment

“All of it was relevant and transferable both to the workplace and daily life. I wish to use the toolkit at every opportunity to ensure I always stay focused on the goal and the softer skills – breathing, voice, colour, posture and so much more I have already shared..”

Sales Excellence & HR Lead (Doehler UK)

“I suspect that this training may very well end up changing my life.  Sounds dramatic?  By allowing me to understand how my control of my voice affects others perceptions of me, allows me to control my presence much more effectively.  I am hugely impressed with both the course and the coach”

Noelle Nagle, Principal Consultant at FRS Recruitment

“Olivia is the perfect companion for anyone keen to learn how to finally press that ‘unmute’ button!”

Martin Zustak, Senior Manager SAP

“This course should be completed by all those that are presenting as part of their role. The course will give them the tools to deliver a presentation with impact.”

S McDermott, Financial Accountant, Stryker

“I would highly recommend it, the transformation that we all experienced over the two days was incredible”

Marketing Manager, Kerry Group

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