“90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.”
Somers White

Technical Communication Bootcamp

This programme focuses on helping engineers, scientists, R&D, accountants and CFO’s etc. to convey complex technical information in an easy, communicative style.

In today’s business environment, it is not enough to be technically skilled,  there is also a need to engage and connect with audiences and communicate technical information effectively and creatively.

Very often audiences are “front office”,  often non-technical i.e. marketing teams, sales executives, boards, stakeholders so shaping messages to achieve a high level of understanding, audience attention and a desired call to action can be challenging.

We recognise these challenges and we structure our training accordingly.


Are you/your team required to:

  • Educate and influence non-technical audiences?
  • Communicate with confidence and authority at C level?
  • Standout among busy decision makers by presenting technical presentations with polish and credibility?
  • Make technical information more engaging for audiences to connect with?

These are all skills that can be learned and practiced. We teach you how to use these skills to get the result you want.


The programme is bespoke and designed to meet the specific needs of each organisation by combining the proven practices of effective business communication with techniques from performing arts to give you/your team the ability to grab and keep the audiences attention from the moment you start to speak.

Elements include:

  • Using ConfidentSpeak’s Models to help structure technical messages in a time-efficient, engaging and results-focused manner
  • Learning how to make what you say understandable to audiences
  • Using your voice to engage your audience and connect emotionally with your audience
  • Acquiring performance techniques, enabling you to “Own your Space” and create a commanding presence
  • Focusing attention on you and what you are saying.  Allowing you to deliver your message effectively to an attentive audience


“A Fantastic learning opportunity, you come away with firm progression on presentation skills, from content to body presence”

“The 2 presenters were really good, they clearly knew how to be effective, be interactive, got the class learning, etc. It was an excellent course!”

Management Accountant Stryker Ireland

“The coaching style and delivery was very constructive, practical and informative while the follow-up sessions were well spaced and very effective at assessing participants progress in presentation and voice delivery skills. There maybe some benefit in the program for other sections of our business”

“I had positive feedback following a recent presentation to US based senior management. Thanks so much”

Project Manager Abbott International

“Exceed my expectation. I must to say a huge thanks to Kerry to organize the course and to CS for amazing performances, by far it is the most effective training I have ever had to be able to see my improvement and transformation so fast – Thanks”

Technical Manager, Kerry Group

“Excellent programme, would recommend to all consultants”

“Goes beyond standard practices of how to present and refocuses you on what you are saying and not just how you are saying it”

“It was excellent. The voice coach was so lovely and helpful and I would recommend that all consultants do it”

Consultants, Cornmarket Group Financial Services


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