Sales Communication Bootcamp

It is not enough for the sales person to connect with their audience, engage them and communicate their message effectively.

Effective sales presentations are the art of communication taken to the highest levels, why? Because it requires that your audience must do something as a result of your presentation. We recognise that this must always be the main objective of each sales interaction, and we structure our training accordingly.

Do you wish to standout among today’s busy decision makers by presenting effectively? This is a skill that can be learned and practiced. We teach you how to use these skills and techniques to get the result you want.


Grow your sales performance by acquiring skills to make you stand out in front of clients.

  • Do you wish to increase your sales revenue and reduce your average cost of sale by giving yourself the power to make every moment in front of clients count.
  • Do you wish to standout among today’s busy decision makers by presenting effectively?
  • Do you want to keep your focus on how to get your audience to take the desired action?

We have structured our robust programme to address these requirements.


What is possible with this programme?

  • Sales executives tell us of an increase in confidence and credibility when communicating with key decision makers, clients and colleagues
  • They feel more empowered to achieve business goals and visions
  • There experience a stronger engagement with all audiences – internal and external
  • With all team members following the same approach there is a sense of cohesion and a supportive culture within the team
  • Many feel this programme has enhanced their business/personal brand and reputation which is key to success in today’s competitive market
  • They feel a sense of greater authority and gravitas to communicate in the best way possible


  • Sales executives are more empowered to (1) grow in their roles, (2) achieve targets, and (3) ultimately achieve business growth and K.P.I.s.
  • They are in a stronger position to build and maintain more effective, sustainable business relationships.
  • They are listened to and understood in challenging environments and achieve their business goals in a confident manner.
  • There is an increased credibility, which ultimately helps achieve goals and visions for the business.
  • With greater clarity and confidence to communicate the right message in the best way possible audiences are engaged and inspired as a result more focussed on taking action and making a decision.
  • With streamlined preparation process there is greater productivity, reduced stress and less lost opportunities


“ConfidentSpeak training enabled my  team to deliver effective communication to our customers .The focus on  content with simple messaging gave them the confidence to stand up and be heard”

“Confident Speak highlighted the need for advance  preparation for big presentations to our customers”

Mike McCarthy, Commercial Director Kerry Group

“I have already fed back that is was excellent and the improvement in all participants in basically 24 hours was astonishing. This has already saved me time due to informed preparation and sharpened focus. I have also found a voice”

Key Account Manager, Doehler UK

“Working with ConfidentSpeak helped me raise the effectiveness of my verbal and non-verbal business communication which I am pleased to say is generating positive results all round. The program is well thought out and systematic”

Director at Blizzard Entertainment

“All of it was relevant and transferable both to the workplace and daily life. I wish to use the toolkit at every opportunity to ensure I always stay focused on the goal and the softer skills – breathing, voice, colour, posture and so much more I have already shared..”

Sales Excellence & HR Lead (Doehler UK)


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