Clear & Confident Speech Programme

Imagine a world where you communicated in a clear, confident and unique manner for success and ease, what would that mean for you?

  • What would greater confidence when speaking mean for you both professionally and personally?
  • What would greater understanding from clients, customers and colleagues mean for you?

As a non native English speaker, pronunciation and clarity challenges can lead to mis-communication, confusion and ultimately hinder professional and personal development.

This is what is at the core of what we do at Confident Speak. We help clients to communicate and succeed simply, smartly and comfortably.


An increase in confidence and credibility when communicating with key decision makers and native English speakers.

Resulting in

  1. Helping you achieve your targets and goals and ultimately help grow professionally
  2. Greater understanding with clients, customers and colleagues resulting in building and maintaining more effective, sustainable business relationships.
  3. Improved communication ultimately results to greater business development

Greater clarity to communicate the right message in the best way possible so you are listened to and understood when speaking with customers and native English speakers.


Resulting in

  1. Your ability to “Get the job done” more effectively
  2. Adding to and perfecting your skillset leading to greater career progression


  1. Targets and goals are more achievable when teams communicate with clarity and confidence
  2. As teams become more confident in their communication they are more empowered to grow in their roles and achieve greater productivity and business growth, which achieves greater revenue
  3. More confident and empowered teams will support employee retention
  4. Greater team credibility will enhance business brand and reputation which supports sales and marketing efforts.


“Olivia is the perfect companion for anyone keen to learn how to finally press that ‘unmute’ button!”

Martin Zustak Senior Manager SAP

“Olivia is an amazing coach.  She really helped bring the communications up to the level needed. She supported scaling my influence and career progression”

Evgeni Agronik, Head of Sales Google Marketing Solutions


“The programme helps but I really need to do a lot of practice to get my accent improved. I would tell my manager to recommend the programme to all non english native speakers in our line”

It is very good and useful programme to improve communication skills.

Senior Engineers Ericsson LM


Specialist S.T.E.M.Communications & Coaching


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