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Accent and pronunciation challenges can lead to mis-communication, confusion and ultimately hinder professional development.

Confident Speak have created an effective accent and speech programme to assist non-native English executives wishing to improve their speaking skills.

This tailored programme will ultimately ensure an increase in confidence  and a greater understanding from clients, customers and colleagues


This programme is specifically designed for non-native English speaking executives facing challenges communicating.   The programme will:

  • Improve pronunciation of English to ensure  greater confidence and clarity
  • Polish current accent and speaking style of non-native English speaking executives
  • Build confidence when speaking, using voice and speech techniques, english phonetics and elocution practices

We use a comprehensive assessment process to identify  key challenges. This allows us to then customize a programme for specific business needs.  Our core objective is to enable clients to communicate with clarity and credibility to achieve their results.  We work on a small group basis, depending on the company’s needs.


  • Articulate with greater clarity and commitment through work on tailored speech exercises
  • Use your voice to engage your listener with tailored voice training techniques
  • Correction of vowel and consonant formation through an awareness of English phonetics
  • Learn techniques to help with fluency – understand principles of stress and connected speech
  • The fundamentals of vocal production – posture, breath and tension – understanding where your voice comes from
  • When and how to use your voice strategically for emphasis – through work on volume, pitch range and inflection
  • Understanding and learn to build emotional connection with your listener

Using video and audio recording and analysis, our vocal experts, coach your people in using all these techniques to make their communication clearer and more effective.   After the intensive programme, follow up one to one coaching sessions makes sure the new learnings really ‘sticks’.


“Olivia is the perfect companion for anyone keen to learn how to finally press that ‘unmute’ button!”

Martin Zustak, Senior Manager SAP

“The programme helps but I really need to do a lot of practice to get my accent improved. I would tell my manager to recommend the programme to all non english native speakers in our line”

It is very good and useful programme to improve communication skills.

Senior Engineers Ericsson LM

S.T.E.M. Specialist Communications & Coaching Consultancy

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