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Making Your Phone Voice Work For You: The 8-Step, 5-Minute Checklist

What does your phone voice really say about you? Have you even given it a second thought? If not, you should! Because how you sound on the phone can have a big impact on how you’re viewed … and ultimately make a big difference to your bottom line.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

Making Your Phone Voice Work For You

I was recently working with a group of consultants who present formally on a regular basis.

Now these presentations can be face-to-face, either in a meeting room or on a stage in front of a bigger audience.

But often the presentations can be via teleconference.

What was most interesting to me was that they didn’t really give a second thought to how they sounded on the phone.

Yes, they were hugely aware of their vocal impact when formally presenting in physical proximity, but on the phone? Not so much.

One individual had a big shock and got a real insight into his communication style. He discovered when he heard his “conference call” played back how badly his phone voice served him.

He realised he had placed no importance on his telephone vocal delivery. He wanted to engage and influence his listener, but had not acknowledged that working to improve his phone voice was an important step.

Over the telephone your voice plays a very important role since there is obviously no physical presence, but people often don’t give their voice a second thought.

Improving Your Phone Voice: A 5-Minute Checklist

  1. Posture: Sit correctly or even better stand up, it helps breathing, and vocal quality. A collapsed body = a collapsed voice.
  2. Slow down: Remember it’s your listeners first time to hear your message, so respect them!
  3. Clarity: Give appropriate weight and clarity to your words, otherwise you’ll be asked to repeat yourself
  4. Pause: Remember to pause to allow the listener to digest your message. Pause and breathe, it’s very important! (For more on this, check out our in-depth blogs on the importance of pause and the importance of breath.)
  5. Vocal Presence: Stay connected to your message, do not simply “go through the motions” (we’ve all been on the receiving end of that).
  6. Volume: Ensure you increase your volume to an appropriate level. Use appropriate pitch and pace variation to engage your listener.
  7. Smile: Even if you’re not visible, when it’s appropriate, smile! It brightens and lightens the voice.

Phone Voice Bonus Tip 8:

Listen back

Why not listen back to your own phone message? The one that usually goes “Hi, you’ve reached ……, I can’t take your call… blah blah.”

There are three C’s you can follow here.


Then critique.

Then change it, if necessary!


There you have it.

A very quick checklist of items and actions to help you improve your phone voice, so that you can be more confident on the phone and ultimately ensure you can wow any audience—whether you’re in the same room or not!

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