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Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in healthcare and agriculture.

Their executive leaders understand the importance of using personal presence to communicate important information at Bayer conferences and “Town Halls”. Ultimately, they wanted to motivate and inspire their employees. Our mandate was to work with executives to polish their style of communication to help build authentic, natural presence.

We designed a bespoke Executive Presence programme to achieve this result and we continue to support Bayer executives in building their natural executive presence when communicating across the organisation.
An International multinational pharmaceutical company, Biomarin is a world leader in developing and commercialising biopharmaceuticals.

We have successfully delivered tailored Executive Presence Programmes to senior management required to present annually to key stakeholders and investors.

“Thank you for your excellent guidance. I have learned a lot and feel therefore more confident. It was lovely to meet you and I would recommend ConfidentSpeak any time”
Senior Marketing Manager
Blizzard Entertainment are a premier game developer and publisher of entertainment software. “World of WarCraft” ring a bell?!

Blizzard EMEA (France) have a team of senior executives of various nationalities communicating within a highly multicultural environment globally and often in a second language.

It is critical that they all establish credibility and confidence when presenting to stakeholders and that their presentations and communications create strong presence and influence globally.

We designed a bespoke programme blending elements of Executive Presence & Accent training to address their communication challenges and deliver training in both the Paris HQ and Ireland.

“Working with ConfidentSpeak helped me raise the effectiveness of my verbal and non-verbal business communication which I am pleased to say is generating positive results all round. The program is well thought out and systematic”

“I highly recommend ConfidentSpeak to business professionals who are motivated to improve their communication skills in professional and personal life”
Eibhlin Payne Director at Blizzard Entertainment
Cornmarket is one of Ireland’s largest investment and insurance brokers.

Vocal fatigue and strain with Financial Consultants is an ongoing concern as consultants are vocally engaging with clients for long periods on a daily basis

We have stepped in with a specially tailored Voice Care Programme delivering practical advice on best practice in relation to healthy vocal usage. We were also able to equip consultants with powerful vocal techniques to help engage clients.

“Excellent programme, would recommend to all consultants”
Financial Consultant – Cornmarket Group Financial Services

It was excellent, the voice coach was so lovely and helpful and I would recommend that all consultants do it”
Financial Consultant – Cornmarket Group Financial Services
Dohler are global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Their sales teams work in a fiercely busy & competitive market, so Sales Account Managers and Sales Directors need to be the best in the field when presenting and influencing customers.

Our robust Sales Communication Bootcamp has proven an on-going success with teams in Dohler

“It was excellent and the improvement in all participants in basically 24 hours was astonishing. This has already saved me time due to informed preparation and sharpened focus. I have also found a voice”
Key Account Manager

“All of it was relevant and transferable both to the workplace and daily life. I wish to use the toolkit at every opportunity to ensure I always stay focused on the goal and the softer skills – breathing, voice, colour, posture and so much more."
Jacinta Heaton Sales Excellence & HR (Lead (UK)

“It was excellent and the improvement in all participants in basically 24 hours was astonishing. This has already saved me time due to informed preparation and sharpened focus. I have also found a voice”
Key Account Manager – Doehler

“I was hooked from the beginning. Practical, full of common sense and no rubbish jargon. Well managed by considerate and professional tutors”
Account Manager Doehler
Ericsson are a world renowned global leader in communications technology.

We go back a long way with Ericsson and are a long term trusted communications training partner.

Having moved to an agile approach to business, verbal communication is an integral part of business and they needed a tailored communications programme to assist them.

Presenting highly technical content to a global audience in a concise, impactful manner can be a significant challenge. For this reason, we work closely at all levels delivering our bespoke Technical Communication Bootcamp on an on-going basis and over many years have built a strong relationship with Ericsson.

“I was one of the initial managers to attend this training with ConfidentSpeak.  I can honestly say it was one of the most beneficial training I have attended in my career with Ericsson.  I was a strong advocate for extending this program within Ericsson. It’s no surprise that 100s of colleagues have been through this programme and rave about its value and importance within Ericsson”.
Paul Madden – Head of Product Development, Ericsson

“Few courses live in my memory more than Communication Bootcamp delivered by Confident Speak. It is a superior communication skills course because of what is delivered, of how it is delivered and because of the expertise of those delivering it. The Communication Bootcamp has the potential to transform you and those you work with.”
Frank Tiernan, Senior Project Manager, Ericsson

I have already recommended this course to a colleague who I feel would benefit from this course!! – I think it should be mandatory for anyone who Is expected to present to large internal audiences or represent Ericsson  at external meetings”
Google really needs no introduction!

Google Ireland is home to a diverse community of Googlers from over 60 different nationalities.

Communicating globally, via telephone or video conference can prove challenging in our native language, but even more so when English is a second or third language.

With our unique services, ConfidentSpeak has been successfully coaching Googlers for many years, providing ongoing support with our tailored Accent, Executive Presence and Vocal Presence programmes.

“Olivia is an amazing coach she really helped to bring the comms game up to the level, and successfully supported scaling up my influence and career progression”
Evgeni Agronik ​Head of Sales
Kerry are a multinational leader in global food ingredients with an annual turn over in the region of €6 billion.

The CS Team have been delivering training within Kerry on an ongoing basis since early 2015.

Among the training we deliver are our Sales Communication Bootcamp, Presenting With Presence Programme and Executive Presence 1-2-1.

Our continued mission within Kerry is to provide the core Sales teams and Customer Support teams with the techniques and tools they need to communicate effectively and make that vital impact required when pitching & presenting to clients, stakeholders and at Town Hall Business Meetings

“Exceed my expectation. I must to say a huge thanks to Kerry for organising the course and to CS for amazing performances, by far it is the most effective training I have ever had to be able to see my improvement and transformation so fast –

“ConfidentSpeak training enabled my  team to deliver effective communication to our customers .The focus on  content with simple messaging gave them the confidence to stand up and be heard”

“Confident Speak highlighted the need for advance  preparation for big presentations to our customers”
Commercial Director Kerry Group

“I would highly recommend it, the transformation that we all experienced over the two days was incredible”

“All staff involved in preparing presentations should receive the content part of the training”
IMI is Ireland’s premier provider of executive education offering businesses in Ireland the opportunity to partner with a locally based, world class executive education providers.

ConfidentSpeak has (in the past) partnered with the IMI on their executive communication programmes.

We have been delighted to share our  time-honoured techniques from the world of theatre and our developed communication tools to enable senior executives to connect with audiences with confidence and credibility.

Members of the our team continue to support the IMI and are regular contributors on programmes globally.

“..great enthusiasm and creativity…… demonstrated deep knowledge and skills both in training delivery and program development and in her specialty as voice and communication coach. Very open minded and is a pleasure to work with”
Fabio Grassi Executive Learning Director IMI
Beckman Coulter are a global company dedicated to advancing and optimizing the laboratory by delivering innovative and trusted scientific solutions.

What’s unique about Beckmann Coulter is that they were the first company we introduced our highly successful Communication Bootcamp programme to many years ago!

Communicating highly technical information to mixed audiences was a challenge identified within their technical and scientific teams. ConfidentSpeak developed a tailored programme addressing their challenges and ran it successfully with a number of their teams.
Novartis Ireland Limited is the Irish affiliate of Swiss-based Novartis AG – one of the largest and most widely respected pharmaceutical companies in the world.

We deliver training to teams across the business in Novartis to help the teams deliver credible, impactful messages in meetings, presentations, conferences & Town Hall Business Meetings

Among the programmes we deliver are Communication Bootcamp, Presentation Skills & Executive Presence.

In 2016 ConfidentSpeak were delighted to be selected by Novartis to also deliver their own bespoke in-house Presentation Skills Programme which we continue to deliver on an ongoing basis.
Oracle is a global technology corporation and home to a diverse and multicultural community.

Communicating globally via telephone or video conference can prove challenging, but when English is a second or third language this can be an added communication challenge.

With our unique services, ConfidentSpeak has successfully provided bespoke 121 coaching programmes with our tailored Accent, Executive Presence and Vocal Presence training to address these challenges.
Roche are an Irish pharmaceutical company and a world leader in research-focused healthcare.

The busy sales team in Roche are out in the field presenting in a highly competitive market to clients across the medical profession.

We have provided training within Roche for many years at both a 1-2-1 and group level, equipping the Sales Team with the practical skills and techniques they vitally need in order to present, pitch & communicate to clients with a polished & confident style.
RTE is Ireland’s national public services broadcaster.

Over the years, we have delivered bespoke programmes to both television and radio presenters. Our mandate is to equip presenters (both new and experienced) with vocal and performance techniques to enhance their delivery and performance skills.

We provide our professional feedback and support on an on-going basis to RTE.
Salesforce are a world leader in CRM software and cloud computing solutions.

In the ever competitive world of cloud computing, it is vital that their sales teams instil a sense of confidence by communicating clear & effective messages to key stakeholders & external customers.

With this in mind, we deliver Master Classes in both Executive Presence & Vocal Presence as well a tailored 1-2-1 Executive Presence Programmes to the teams.
SAP is a global market leader in enterprise application software.

Communicating technical and complex information globally via telephone or video conference can prove challenging and when English is a second or third language there can be even deeper challenges. Accent and pronunciation challenges can lead to mis-communication, confusion and ultimately hinder confidence and professional development.

We provided a solution to SAP with our bespoke 1-2-1 Vocal Presence and Accent & Speech Programme.

“Olivia is the perfect companion for anyone keen to learn how to finally press that ‘unmute’ button!”
Martin Zustak, Head of digital Business Services QNT SAP
SITA a the world leading specialist in air transport and information technology

Members of the SITA management team have travelled from the UK to Dublin to complete a bespoke & carefully tailored 1-2-1 Programme which includes blends elements of both Executive Presence & Vocal Presence

“The training with ConfidentSpeak was first class!”

“ The trainer is a great asset to your organisation. I have fed back to my VP on how I found the training and also recommended your services internally to SITA so you may find more students longer term!”
Client Manager at SITA
Stryker are a global leader in the worldwide orthopaedic medical technology market

Communicating highly technical information to mixed audiences can be very challenging and is a core skillset required across the business.

Cork has become a second home to the CS training team where we deliver bespoke training programmes for Stryker to help the teams prepare ahead of important Presentations, Conferences & “Town Hall” business meetings.

These programmes include our Technical Communication Bootcamp and Mastering Executive Presence as well as individual 1-2-1 coaching to senior executives.

“Best training course I ever took part in. Trainers were excellent. 2 very professional people that obviously enjoy their job and want participants to do well. Excellent course”
Project Manager – Stryker

“Best program I’ve attended since being at Stryker”
Manager, Advanced Operations – Stryker

“An excellent program. I would highly recommend it. The trainers were brilliant. They were in the zone 100% of the time working really hard to make a difference to the trainees”
Richard Coughlan Finance Director – Stryker Limerick

“A Fantastic learning opportunity, you come away with firm progression on presentation skills, from content to body presence. The 2 presenters were really good, they clearly knew how to be effective, be interactive, got the class learning, etc. It was an excellent course!”
Management Accountant Stryker Finance Ireland

“I would highly recommend this training to anyone in the organisation. Rolling this programme out across the organisation would remove a huge amount of waste from our meetings, communication and presentation forums”
Senior Manager Metrology and Calibration

This course should be completed by all those that are presenting as part of their role. The course will give them the tools to deliver a presentation with impact. They were fantastic trainers that really encourage everyone to put the trainings into practice”
Financial Accountant – Stryker

“One of the best I have attended.”
Operations Supervisor – Stryker

“Excellent program with proven results (before and after video) which takes you out of your comfort zone.”
Senior Manufacturing Engineer – Stryker

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that has to present information as part of their role”
Supply Planning Business Analyst – Stryker

“A very worthwhile course with a range of excellent tools and tips to help any presenter no matter how good they may feel they are already”
Staff Engineer AO – Stryker

“I was totally on the fence with regards to this course. I’m very busy and didn’t want to take the time to attend  and only did at my managers instruction. It was really worth the time and effort as I feel it will benefit within my Stryker career and more importantly outside Stryker”
Staff Manufacturing Engineer

“This is excellent – learnt a lot and will definitely help my presentation skills and delivery – has given me more confidence and I’m sure this will benefit. I have given feedback to my Director – will be reviewing to send some of the team on the course – Director also interested”.
Senior Manager Supply Planning and Purchasing

“Would I recommend the programme to a friend? – Absolutely! There is enough (and more) to be gained from the programme in terms of improvements, tools and tips that will have a positive impact and change”
Programme Manager – Stryker

I would recommend the training for employees who routinely present so that we can all be on the same page when asked to present to our peers, management, external audience, etc
Staff R&D Engineer, Process & Technology Development – Stryker

Excellent course, fun but with a serious message. I thought both presenters were excellent, very relaxed, complimented each other very well and the body language and expressions sometimes said more than the words.
Staff Engineer – Stryker

Do this training – kill the darlings!!
Senior Project Engineer – Stryker

“The programme is to improve presentation to become good at it, but also the programme helps to build confidence, to speak out, to be present, to send a message when facing an audience. It helps to realise what we are capable of doing. It is a programme that can help people to come out of their shell / cocoon, to take them outside their comfort zone and succeed in what they couldn’t imagine they were able to do. The trainers teaching is flawless, they go straight to the point and know how to make you feel at ease in a situation most of us are trying to avoid. I would absolutely recommend it. This is by far one of the most interesting and useful training I have done and I should have done it years ago”
Metrologist – Stryker
Symantec are a global leader in next-generation cyber security

We have recently partnered with Symantec to design and deliver a number of training programmes to teams across the organisation. The aim of our training is to give the teams the skills & techniques that they need to best prepare in advance of Client Presentations, Conferences & “Town Halls”

The programmes we are delivering currently include Communication Bootcamps, Mastering Executive Presence and 1-2-1 Presentation Coaching.

“Everyone should do it!”

“This was a fantastic two days, it allowed me and my team to stand back and see how we showed up daily in our interactions and also to think about our Audience and not about ourselves and it was practical, we came away and began applying the new tools the very next day in our meetings. It was also a super team building exercise”
Sr Director Global Delivery

“A very well organised and effective program. One of the best I’ve done. Pushed us all outside our comfort zones and we learned lots and lots! Will definitely work with Confident Speak again. Thank you!”
Sinead Doherty Director, Customer Operations, Research & Engagement

“The best, easiest to adopt, most effective comms training I’ve ever done (and I’ve done many!). Good for all levels, backgrounds”
Sr. Manager, Norton Support

“It was likely the most beneficial training I have attended in 13 years with Symantec. I wish I had done it at the very beginning of my career, and not 16 years in!”
Manager, Norton Service

“The transformation that I saw in my presentation technique in just two days of learning was pretty amazing. The mix of encouragement and constructive feedback encouraged risk taking while boosting my confidence. Not just in formal meetings, but the skills learnt in those two days, will help me in all my day to day conversations as well”
Manager  Consumer Support

“This is awesome and wonderful. breaking into 2 groups is excellent idea because can have focus. the mix of theory and practical exercises is perfect. no rush, decent breaks. I really loved it. The experience is great and this should be part of Symantec standard trainings”
Sr. Business Operations Analyst

“I would heartily recommend (and already have recommended it in fact) the programme as I think there’s a lot of benefit to get from it for many people in our organisation. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days. Both trainers were simply brilliant and I very much appreciated the direct feedback Paula gave me, which were spot on and gave me a lot of ideas on how to change my presentation deliveries for the future”
Chris van der Grift Sr. Mgr. Business Intelligence

“Absolutely great course and highly recommend it to anyone…will help me with presentations, re-evaluate the length of any presentation in the future based on my audience and skills i learned. And also will help me build the key messages for any important communication”
Project & Program manager

“Excellent! people manager should go through this, it’s not just about presentation, also about peer to peer communications (Emotionally connect with your audience) We often deliver presentations to stakeholders on the project progress & delivery, by applying the lessons learned from the workshop it would help us to achieve the desired results” Mgr, Technical Support, Norton Support and Services
Smurfit Business School is Ireland’s leading business school.

As part of professional development within Smurfit we have worked for a number of years on various programmes including MSc in Management, MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design and the MBA

There is an ethos in Smurfit of ensuring students acquire life long business skills. With this in mind we were asked to deliver our tailored Presenting with Presence and Communication Bootcamp programmes.

It has been a privilege for ConfidentSpeak to work with hundreds of post graduate students and potential future leaders.

“The ConfidentSpeak training was very intense and practical. The interactive approach was excellent. Our students had little experience in presenting prior to the course. With a steep learning curve, they have made huge improvement. Thank you so much”
​Jola Meagher UCD Smurfit Graduate Business Schoo​l
Ericsson are a world renowned global leader in communications technology.

Communicating globally, via telephone or video conference can prove challenging, but when English is a second or third language there can be deeper challenges.

Accent and pronunciation challenges can lead to mis-communication, confusion and ultimately hinder professional development. Ericsson identified this challenge within the company and ConfidentSpeak provided the solution by designing a bespoke Accent & Speech Programme.

We have run a series of successful programmes and we constantly modify the programme based on the needs of Ericsson and their agile method of working.

“The programme helps but I really need to do a lot of practice to get my accent improved. I would tell my manager to recommend the programme to all non english native speakers in our line” “It is very good and useful programme to improve communication skills”
Senior Engineers Ericsson LM
A multinational professional service company, KPMG employs over 189,000 people and we have been working with them since we opened our doors!

When subject matter is financial and often complex information needs to be communicated, it can be difficult to connect with audiences and clients. KPMG have always understood that it is not enough to be technically strong, they also need be impactful communicators.

We successfully deliver coaching programmes from manager to partner level on an on-going basis. Our tailored programmes within KPMG include Personal Impact, Vocal Presence and Presentation skills.

“Confident Speak work in partnership with KPMG to develop managers and directors in the areas of Personal Impact, Vocal Presence and Presentation skills. We have been really impressed with their approach to understanding our development objectives, Confident Speak are creative, organised and professional in their approach, they have a significant impact in both group and 1-2-1 coaching situations. I would highly recommend Confident Speak”
Elaine McGleenan
Head of Learning and Organisational Development
Winners of the top prize in the emerging category at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2016 – these guys are one to watch and a company we are proud to have on our client list.

Through cutting edge technology NewsWhip track millions of worldwide news stories daily. They boast over 320 clients across the globe.

Communicating globally with clients remotely can pose challenging and ConfidentSpeak has the privilege of working with NewsWhip, ensuring their presentations/demos and pitches are of the highest standard. NewsWhip continue to grow and expand globally.

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