fear of presenting

Most People’s Number One Fear is Public Speaking. (Number Two is Death.)

When it comes to public speaking many of us tend to focus on external factors.

By Maria Tecce, ConfidentSpeak

Jerry Seinfeld, the famous New York comedian, perhaps summed this up best.

He said:

At a funeral, the average person would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.”

When it comes to public speaking many of us tend to focus on the ‘outside’: How am I coming across?  How do I look?  Do the audience like me?  What’s in it for me? A big part of effective presenting is actually an ‘inside’ job.

Great public speakers care about what they are saying, care about the audience and connecting with them, and remember that we’re all human beings craving a common connection.

Seinfeld even gets a mention in this article by comedian/therapist Jonathan Decker. It’s not all about technique and analytics!  Check it out here…


Maria Tecce




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