Master The Three Arts of Vocal Communication

How to Master the Three Arts of Vocal Communication

If you’re keen to make an impression in front of any audience—from staff presentation to business pitch to a keynote speech in front of a packed auditorium—there are three distinctive arts you can master to perfect your vocal communication skills in any situation.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

Master The Three Arts of Vocal Communication

Vocal Communication Art, 1: The Art Of Pause

The space between our thoughts can be a powerful as the thoughts themselves. We can hold a listener’s attention by creating powerful silences. It’s something we are not comfortable with. Using pause strategically creates impact and clarity.

Here’s how:

  1. Pause before the word gets your listeners attention and prepares them for what is coming next
  2. Pause after the word this gives the idea time to sink it

Vocal Communication Art, 2: The Art of Vocal Contrast

The ability to communicate with confidence often depends on contrast in your vocal delivery. When we speak we do not pronounce each and every syllable with the same weight and time. There are 1,2,3 words in each phrase that absolutely reduce it down to its basic meaning.

These words are our KEY, POWER words.

There needs to be contrast between these words and the others so the audience hears and connects with them.

Here’s how:

  1. Change of volume on key power words
  2. Pitch Variation on key words
  3. Articulation of certain consonants in these key words
  4. Change of pace – speeding up or slowing down
  5. Pause before or after key power words

Vocal Communication Art, 3: The Art Of Pacing Yourself

Most people speak too quickly. If you speak too quickly you risk the audience “tuning out” as they simply cannot keep up with you.

Pace is the speed at which we speak. It can be expressed in Words Per Minute. Conversational speech can take place as quickly as 180 – 200 wpm. 200 wpm is too fast for presenting information. You should aim to speak at 120 – 150 wpm.

Here’s how:

  1. Focus on the clarity of your words
  2. Allow yourself to pause and breathe correctly

Quick recap

To channel our inner Cilla Black—oh, don’t say you don’t remember Blind Date!—here’s a quick recap of the three key skills to master to attain perfect vocal communication skills.

  1. The Art of Pause
  2. The Art of Vocal Contrast
  3. The Art of Pacing

Good luck mastering these great communication skills.

I’d love to hear from you when you put them into action!


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