“Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”
– Maya Angelou

Owning Your Room One-to-One Leaders Programme

As a leader in today’s business landscape it is not enough for you to just inform and communicate messages.

You must connect emotionally with your audience,

You must engage and inspire them,

You must build trust and communicate as your authentic self.

We apply the principles of great stage performance to the business stage to help you achieve this.

Imagine yourself instantly improving and transforming your own unique style, simply by understanding and controlling your voice and body deliberately.

What would that mean for you as a leader and for your business success?

So, whether you need to influence key stakeholders, connect with staff, or deliver a keynote to hundreds of people, we give you the confidence to enjoy doing so with our  Owning Your Room Programme.


Whether you are communicating an important message to staff, delivering a keynote at a conference, or communicating globally via video conference this programme will:

  • Help leaders “Own the Space” with confidence and gravitas so they set themselves apart, are more empowered to lead in their roles and ultimately achieve business growth
  • Ensure greater clarity to communicate their message in the best way possible so audiences are engaged, inspired and committed
  • Build greater credibility so you enhance business and personal brand and reputation which is key in today’s competitive market.
  • Build greater connection with audiences resulting in building more effective, sustainable business relationships.

Imagine using techniques honed in the performing arts to make your voice more compelling and engaging.  We will teach you how to do that in a dedicated programme.


We apply the principles of great stage performance to the business stage to help leaders inspire confidence and commitment.

Learn to understand what makes a confident and engaging leader, and what you need to change in your own style in order to achieve this.

The programme includes proven principles such as:

  • Using time-honoured techniques from stage performance and honed for today’s leader, we help you discover your authentic strengths as a communicator
  • Exploring the gaps in your current leadership communication style and put a strategy in place to build this areas  
  • “Owning your Space” vocally & physically to enable you connect and resonate with listeners on any stage
  • Learning vocal strategies from the world of performance to insure you instill a sense of credibility and presence
  • Understanding how to build emotional connection, so your words resonate and build trust and commitment

Your senior coach has a unique skill-set of being a professionally trained performer combined with a deep experience in the corporate environment.  You will work in partnership with your coach to achieve the results you want.


“I suspect that this training may very well end up changing my life. Sounds dramatic? By allowing me to understand how my control of my voice affects others perceptions of me, allows me to control my presence much more effectively. I am hugely impressed with both the course and the coach”

Noelle Nagle, Principal Consultant at FRS Recruitment

“I had positive feedback following a recent presentation to US based senior management. Thanks so much”

Michael McInerney, Project Manager Abbott International

“It was my first time to be introduced to training used in the world of theatre and I found it excellent. The coaching was very practical and effective. It was better than expected. I found every aspect very practical and useful. It’s a very good service and I hope to do more training with you in the future”

Breda Keena,  Founder at Depublish


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