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Master Your Dialogue: How to Learn From the World’s Best Speakers

WRiters of dialogue always listen to how people speak. It’s the same with speaking. To be the best, you must study the world’s best speakers.

By Ariadne Laurenns, ConfidentSpeak

How to Learn from the World's Best SpeakersSeveral years after the sad passing of Maeve Binchy, the much loved Irish author is still sorely missed.

Whether an ardent fan of Maeve’s literature or not, one simply cannot ignore her innate ability to weave a good yarn and to write great dialogue.

The latter is, I think, an essential skill in novel writing which is all to often overlooked and underrated.

In a blog post by Derbhile Dromey, Derbhile discusses Binchy’s ability to “capture the natural rhythms of people’s speech”.

She goes on to say:

Dialogue brings a story to life. Without it, books would just be big wodges of text … The best way to create dialogue is to listen to people speaking. You’ll naturally absorb their speech patterns into your writing.

How to Learn from the World’s Best Speakers

In much the same way, a good way to improve your own speech writing and delivery is to listen to experienced speakers.

The more you listen to experienced speakers, the more you will absorb their techniques into your own talks.

You can learn a lot by paying close attention to how they construct their talk and to the pace at which they deliver it.

TED Talks are, of course, a great source of talks from which to draw.

Everywhere from YouTube to Ted.com, the world’s best speakers are just a few clicks away.

Anyone who needs to speak publicly with any amount of regularity—or, indeed, if public speaking is something you would like to do more of—you should make a recurring calendar appointment with yourself to dip into a selection of TED talks.

Below, to get you started, one of our all-time favourites: a great talk from Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire.


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