stillness and executive presence

The Simple, Powerful Tip to Build Your Executive Presence

One question we get asked all the time at our masterclasses and seminars for business executives and C-Suite personnel. What simple techniques can I use to build my executive presence? Well, I wanted to share a simple, yet powerful technique with you.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

I try to go for a jog most days, well it’s more of a “jalk” (half walk half jog!).  I’m very lucky to have an amazing park on my doorstep,the wonderful Phoenix Park.

stillness and executive presence

So recently, I was struggling around my route, I take a corner, and facing me was a group of deer.

There were about 100 of them, lined up in front of me.

The Art of Stillness Builds Executive Presence

What struck me most—no, what amazed me—about them was their stillness.

They possessed such calmness and a phenomenal sense of ease as they looked at me.

But they were also alert, ready to escape at any time. I stood there looking at them, drawn by something – what amazing presence I thought.

Deer are plentiful in the Phoenix Park, so it’s not the first time I’ve come across them and I’m always a little awe-struck.

Why do I bring this up?

An audience is always connected to a speaker who communicates in a relaxed and calm way, but just like a wild deer, a speaker needs to always be alert to the audience.

So if thinking about building your executive presence is something on your mind, I would urge you to try this.

Stop moving around!

It can be distracting for your audience. Instead, find an ease within yourself to simply stand and be present when you are communicating.

You may well find that you connect in a strong and authentic way with your listeners.

Remember this.

As a speaker, you have the ability to instil any emotion in your audience.

If you are agitated or stressed then your audience will also be agitated and stressed.

Imagine, for a moment, a panicking, nervous presenter,

If you are in the audience, guess what? Yes, you also start to panic.

If you are at ease and physically relaxed, then your listener will also be at ease.

As a result they will be more open to listening, and building a connection with you.

So next time you are rehearsing your presentation, try it – it works.

Can we learn other things from nature and the world around us?

Of course we can.

Sometimes we just need to go back to basics when it comes to communication!

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