speak to inspire in a virtual world

As the professional world moves increasingly online, learn how to make an impact and increase your confidence in virtual meetings, talks, webinars and events

A whole new world

The pandemic has really redefined the term “virtual reality”.

Since the beginning of 2020, hundreds of millions of people, all over the world, have been thrust into a world of communication through our screens and webcams.

This new reality presents us a new set of challenges.

How can we deliver a powerful message, and do it with confidence?

How can we connect with our audience through the screen?

How can we make our listeners feel something?

At Confident Speak, we’ve been helping our clients achieve this, and more, since the world changed in early 2020.

And now we’ve created this short course to help you do the same.

Who is this course for?

This short course is for anyone who faces the task of communicating a message in any online setting.

It could be a company-wide conference call, a sales demonstration for a prospective new client, or an important webinar. 

It could be or a video call with your board of directors, or a pitch to prospective investors.

All professionals are facing this new reality at the same time.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to ensure you deliver a powerful message from your home office to wherever in the world it lands.

You can turn your virtual reality into a positive, engaging experience for everyone.

What you get

This course includes 17 HD video lessons, plus downloadable checklists and a “Recommended Equipment” guide to help you set up your home studio – without breaking the bank!


Part 1: Getting Started

  • Lights, Camera, Speak!
  • Your Stage Management 101

Part 2: Your Physical Preparation

  • Physical Preparation for Virtual Meetings and Presentations
  • What Does Your Posture Say About You?
  • The “Two-Fold Effect” of Poor Posture

Part 3: Your Voice

  • Bringing Your Voice to Life
  • Playing with Pitch Range

Part 4: Using Pace and Pause

  • No Rush in This Virtual World
  • Exploring Pace – What You May Not Know
  • How to Critique Your Virtual Performance

Part 5: Speaking With Clarity

  • Getting Clear to Avoid Confusion
  • Improving the Basics of Your Speaking Voice

Part 6: Why Belief is So Important

  • Where Head and Heart Collide
  • Exercise: How to get out of your head and into your heart

Part 7: The Rehearsal

  • Preparing to nail your presence and performance
  • Making eye contact in a virtual world

Part 8: Bringing It All Together

  • The routine your need to set yourself up for virtual success
  • Your 5-minute checklist
  • It’s a wrap!

About Confident Speak

Founded in 2006 by Olivia MacDonnell (pictured), Confident Speak has worked with executives at some of the world’s leading companies, including Salesforce, Google, KPMG and Stryker.

Our highly trained and specially selected communications coaches deliver a range of programmes, expertly guiding our clients through each stage of their journey.

Through our confidence programs, we help our clients develop their sense of professional self-esteem and effectiveness, to facilitate their progression to a new stage of their career.

Through our influence programs, we help managers and executives craft compelling content and exceptional delivery, so they can influence and engage every audience.

And through our leadership coaching, we help leaders — current or aspiring — to develop leadership skills to help them, and their organisations, stand out in the marketplace for customers, talent and investment.

We introduce you to the nuanced world of body language, vocal agility and mindful performance, to help you increase your self-awareness and master confident communication skills, and achieve the professional outcome you seek.