Elocution Lessons for Adults

Are Elocution Lessons for Adults Back In Vogue? Yes, They Are!

There has been a rise in elocution lessons for adults, according to recent studies

According to a new study by thetutorpages.com website there seems to be a soaring demand for elocution lessons for adults.

The report shows that elocution teachers have received more enquiries than teachers of any other subject in recent years.

Let me share with you the findings—it makes interesting reading.

Reasons given for the rise in interest in elocution lessons for adults

Some quotes from people seeking training

I have a strong accent and often the first impression people have of me when they hear me talk is that I’m thick. I want to improve my elocution and tone down my accent as I think it may hold me back in my career.


I am beginning to get tired of the reaction I get when I open my mouth and although proud of my roots I am wondering if I should have some elocution lessons in order that I am taken more seriously.


[I’m] looking for promotion but feel that my language skills are holding me back. I am from South East Asia and speak Mandarin and English. I’d like to improve on the clarity and tone of my speech, soften my accent…

What type of people are interested in elocution lessons for adults?

A high proportion of the requests come from professionals looking for a way to improve their career prospects, including

Thoughts from speech and elocution tutors about the surge in interest

There are a lot of pressures on people to try and improve all aspects of themselves….everyone is fighting for jobs and positions and employers have the upper hand in that they can pick and choose.


A lot of people I work with want to develop skills in presentation and communication as well as speech and articulation. It’s about how they put themselves across and whether they can make a clear point.


One factor behind the rise in requests for elocution coaching was The King’s Speech, the film starring Colin Firth as King George VI, who sought assistance from a speech therapist to help him overcome his fear of public speaking.

So are we seeing a return to the days of Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle?

Where ambitious people were denied opportunities because they spoke?

In this competitive job seeking world, it could very well be the case.

Food for thought, indeed…

Tips to improve your Speaking Voice

Forget “How Now Brown Cow”. Here’s Five Voice and Elocution Lessons for the 21st Century

voice coaching advice

Voice Coaching Advice From ‘The Real King’s Speech’ – Keep Breathing

Great documentary last night on Channel 4 looking at the true story which the film, The Kings speech is based upon. I found the documentary interesting in relation to the approach Lionel Logue and his voice coaching advice.

correct breathing

Basically, The BAFTA and Oscar-nominated film The King’s Speech highlights the inspiring story of King George VI’s struggle to overcome his crippling stammer.

What struck a cord with me in this documentary were the contributions by other patients of Lionel Logue.


The documentary was set in a time in British history that fused the issue of the King’s stammer  with an emerging age of mass communications economic depression and global instability.  but must importantly a period of British history when the monarchy needed to show leadership and confidence.  Unfortunately for the king he had had to overcome a key physical and communication limitation.


Importance Of Correct Breathing

What was very evident from the documentary was the importance of correct breathing to help with the stammer.

As a voice coach, I constantly focus on the importance of breathing to establish composure and confidence.

Learning to breath correctly was a hugely significant factor in the King overcoming his stammer. When he had control of his stammer, his audiences got a sense of  gravitas.  His delivery had the slow pace, with a clear and articulate style.


So for anyone a little nervous of speaking in public my voice coaching advice is to  “Remember to Breathe”.  Breathing helps establish presence, gravitas and confidence.



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