breathing and how to speak with power

How to Use Breathing to Speak with Power and Confidence

We’ve been talking about the link between breathing and the ability to speak with power and confidence since the very first day we started ConfidentSpeak. A recent article from Harvard Business Review backs up everything we’ve been saying.

By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak

breathing and how to speak with powerHere at ConfidentSpeak, we have been teaching breathing techniques as part of our executive and business communications training programmes since when we first began.

It is fundamental to what we do, so we were delighted to read a great article on this topic in The Harvard Business Review.

Some really excellent points in here, including:

1. How the same thing can mean something completely different

send a completely different message just by the way it’s said

2. How performance is performance (whether it’s singing or speaking)

As a former opera singer, I know how much breathing affects how a voice sounds. Singers must use deep breathing in order to project a strong voice across a crowded auditorium to reach every single person in the audience. I never thought that this skill would help me once I left the field of opera — until I had to give my first speech. Then, I realized how much my operatic training made me a powerful public speaker.

3. How Margaret Thatcher sounded before and after voice coaching

4. How often you should breath in order to learn to speak with power

How often should you breathe? At the very least, at the end of every sentence! If you are prone to rushing through your speech or presentation, then practice breathing at every punctuation mark — it will force you to slow down.

5. Why it’s about optimising your voice, not changing it

It’s not about trying to sound like someone else; it’s about giving your voice the richness and fullness it deserves every single time you speak in public, so that the power of your voice matches the power of your words. If you do that, people will listen.

Read the full article

Read the full Harvard Business Review article here

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