Improve Your Public Speaking Skills With Lessons From Great Actors

2nd September 2019/by adopt15

Women in Sales Summit London 2019 – “Own Your Space” – Engage with Presence

10th July 2019/by Olivia MacDonnell

6 Presentation Techniques You Can Learn From Comedians To Keep Your Audience Engaged

It can be difficult to keep your audience engaged during business…
21st May 2019/by adopt15

Could The Simple Act Of ‘Stillness’ Be The Key To Achieving Executive Presence?

Through out the years, we have supported many individuals…
2nd May 2019/by adopt15

Cicero’ s 5 Canons Of A Great Speech Still Relevant? Try Them To Help Banish Presentation Nerves

Mark Twain once said ‘There are two kinds of speakers in the…
25th March 2019/by adopt15

How To Deal With that JERK In Your Audience!

5th February 2019/by Olivia MacDonnell

How to “Own Your Space” – Engage & Influence with Presence When Speaking

21st January 2019/by Olivia MacDonnell

Presentation Nerves Or Excitement In Camouflage? 5 Ways To Use Nerves To Your Advantage

Have you ever sat there before a presentation and felt so nervous…
26th November 2018/by adopt15

Imagine Understanding The Simple Art Of Persuasion: 3 Skills Ancient Rhetoric Can Teach Us

Often we hear about a new school of thought from the world of…
9th October 2018/by adopt15

First Impressions:  5 Ways To Grab Your Audience Before You Say A Word

12th September 2018/by adopt15

Trust Your Body: Physical Presence Is Key To Great Communication

We've all felt that surge of panic or anxiety when standing…
29th August 2018/by adopt15

5 Strategies For Great Presentations Which Might Surprise You!

When I think back to my college days and my first presentations…
13th August 2018/by adopt15
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