Harness your presentation nerves

Presentation Nerves Or Excitement In Camouflage? 5 Ways To Use Nerves To Your Advantage

Have you ever sat there before a presentation and felt so nervous…
26th November 2018/by adopt15

Imagine Understanding The Simple Art Of Persuasion: 3 Skills Ancient Rhetoric Can Teach Us

Often we hear about a new school of thought from the world of…
9th October 2018/by adopt15
Audience engagement

First Impressions:  5 Ways To Grab Your Audience Before You Say A Word

We all know the old adage “You never get a second chance to…
12th September 2018/by adopt15
physical presence

Trust Your Body: Physical Presence Is Key To Great Communication

We've all felt that surge of panic or anxiety when standing…
29th August 2018/by adopt15
Strategies For Great Presentations

5 Strategies For Great Presentations Which Might Surprise You!

When I think back to my college days and my first presentations…
13th August 2018/by adopt15
Voice Coaching Techniques

Avoiding Death By Monotony: The 5 Key Business Presentation Skills You Need

We’ve all been there.  You’re sitting in the conference…
9th July 2018/by adopt15
Myths about public speaking

5 Public Speaking Myths Debunked and Demystified

There is no shortage of advice about public speaking out there.…
5th June 2018/by adopt15
Why breathing is important for presentations

Five Reasons Breathing Is The Number 1 Tool For Great Communication

When was the last time you thought about your breathing? This…
20th February 2018/by adopt15
Elon Musk authentic presenting

What We Can Learn About Public Speaking From Watching an Elon Musk Presentation

There's a lot to be learned from studying the presentations and…
30th January 2018/by adopt15
Vocal delivery techniques from Oprah

Five Vocal Delivery Techniques You Can Learn from Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes Speech

Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globes was powerful and…
8th January 2018/by adopt15

As 2017 Comes To A Close We Have A Little Christmas Message To Share With You

Click below to enjoy our little Christmas Video

22nd December 2017/by adopt15
Vocal warm up before presenting

Why You Should Do a Vocal Warm-Up Before Speaking

Joe Duffy, the presenter of Ireland's most popular radio talk…
18th December 2017/by adopt15
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