How To Cope If You Suffer From Crippling Performance Nerves Like Adele

In an interview with Rolling Stone Adele admitted that she suffers…
23rd March 2020/by Ariadne Laurenns

To Celebrate International Women’s Day – Great Female Public Speakers from TED Share Their Stories

To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, we thought it would…
6th March 2020/by Olivia MacDonnell

Accent Reduction for Non-Native English Speakers – What on Earth Are We Talking About?

When it comes to the corporate world of business where English…
5th February 2020/by Saad Beg

A Christmas Message From The ConfidentSpeak Crew!

It's our favourite time of year again and as the CS team…
20th December 2019/by Ariadne Laurenns

Ever Been Told That You Speak Too Fast?

Have you ever worried that you speak too fast?

Check out…
8th November 2019/by Ariadne Laurenns

A Spooky Poem For This Halloween

We thought we'd share a new poem (Little Yellow God) with…
31st October 2019/by Ariadne Laurenns

3 Reasons Why Silence Is A Powerful Weapon

Did you know that one of the least used, but most effective,…
25th October 2019/by adopt15

5 Steps To Get Rid Of That Dreaded “Bed Voice”


Have you ever overslept, and rushed into a meeting…
11th October 2019/by adopt15

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills With Lessons From Great Actors

2nd September 2019/by adopt15

Women in Sales Summit London 2019 – “Own Your Space” – Engage with Presence

10th July 2019/by Olivia MacDonnell

6 Presentation Techniques You Can Learn From Comedians To Keep Your Audience Engaged

It can be difficult to keep your audience engaged during business…
21st May 2019/by adopt15

Could The Simple Act Of ‘Stillness’ Be The Key To Achieving Executive Presence?

Through out the years, we have supported many individuals…
2nd May 2019/by adopt15
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