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The Real King’s Speech Techniques: What You Can Learn About Breath and Speaking

The movie The King’s Speech won so many awards and so many admirers when it arrived in cinemas. But what can you learn about speaking from the real King’s Speech techniques? Read on for more. By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak A few years back I watched a documentary, which looked at the true story behind one […]

Avoiding the Safe Seat to the “No Blame” Game: Eight Sales Presentation Techniques to Win That 6-Figure Contract

For over a decade in this business I have seen and heard so many sales presentations. I’ve seen good sales presentations, I’ve seen bad sales presentations. And yes, I’ve seen downright ugly sales presentations. So what are good sales presentation techniques? The kind of sales presentation techniques that can win that six-figure contract? Here are […]

Communicate with Credibility & Confidence with our Vocal Presence Open Programme

Would you like to be able to communicate with credibility and confidence? Imagine instantly improving any presentation or speech. Our Vocal Presence Programme is designed to help you do just that. Read on for more. By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak Imagine yourself instantly improving any presentation or speech, simply by you controlling your voice deliberately and […]

Six Reasons Desert Island Discs Is A Masterclass In Great Communication

Want to be educated, inspired, humbled and entertained—all while listening to great music? The BBC radio series Desert Island Discs is simply great listening. It is also fruitful learning ground for anyone keen in the art and science of exceptional communication. By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak   I tend to be in my car a lot. […]

Be a Master Communicator Like Conor McGregor, In Six Easy Steps

Confident or arrogant? Charismatic or vulgar? Inspirational or embarrassing? Whatever your feelings about Conor McGregor, the Irish combat fighter is without doubt a top-class communicator. But what makes him so? With millions of fans hanging on his every word, it has to be worth exploring further. Here are six things Conor McGregor does right when […]

Tell Your Story: How to Start a Presentation (and Finish It Strongly!)

When it comes to business presentations, consider this. When you recall a great presentation you experienced, do you recall how great the bullet points were? Or how those technically challenging and crowded slides really did it for you? Unlikely, right? You’re much more likely to remember great storytelling. Here is how to start a presentation to ensure […]

In Public Speaking, There Are Great Dangers in Perfectionism

In public speaking, like in virtually every other walk of life, we must be aware of the drawbacks and even dangers of perfectionism. An interesting recent Forbes article outlines why. By Maria Tecce, ConfidentSpeak In the following article for Forbes, Nick Morgan looks at the interesting psychology surrounding perfectionism. When it comes to public speaking he […]

How to Use Breathing to Speak with Power and Confidence

We’ve been talking about the link between breathing and the ability to speak with power and confidence since the very first day we started ConfidentSpeak. A recent article from Harvard Business Review backs up everything we’ve been saying. By Olivia MacDonnell, ConfidentSpeak Here at ConfidentSpeak, we have been teaching breathing techniques as part of our executive […]