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Fearful Public Speakers..Try Our 7 “STOP” Public Speaking Tips…

Sam Xu
presentation skills advice


“Stop panicking, take your head out of the sand and Start Doing” –

7 public speaking tips that all begin with the word STOP!


1. Stop – Do not open Powerpoint!! 

Ditch the Powerpoint and get pen and paper out instead. Making Powerpoint your first port-of-call keeps you from thinking about what you actually want to achieve in your presentation.

2. Stop – Thinking about yourself!

Sure you’re nervous but it’s not about you! Focus instead on your audience & on helping them to engage, listen and understand

3. Stop – Waffling

Instead of chucking lots of information at your audience in the vague hope that something will stick, focus on the following:

  • How will I get the attention of my audience
  • How will I keep it
  • How will I ensure they remember what I need them to remember 

4. Stop – Rehearsing silently in your head

What can sound very well in your head may not sound well spoken aloud.  To reduce your nerves when public speaking you have to hear yourself aloud numerous times and ideally standing up.  This will ensure a confident delivery.  

5. Stop – Panicking about Q&A 

Based on the subject of your presentation try to anticipate the kind of questions you might get, write them down and prepare some answers in advance.

6. Stop – Leaving it to chance and ‘Stage Manage Your Own Success’ 

Take ownership for your public speaking opportunity by anticipating what could possibly go wrong using this initial checklist:

  • What is the layout of the room
  • Have I all the required materials.
  • Have I checked and double checked the technology – compatibility, backup, etc.

7. Stop – Panicking


If you follow the 6 public speaking tips above – the more ownership you will take, the more control you will have and the less nerves you will have.

“It’s time to start enjoying your public speaking opportunity and start connecting and engaging a happy audience”



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