presenting nerves

Reducing Presentation Nerves – Are Drugs The Answer ?

presenting nerves

By using the drug Beta Blocker “the force and rate of the heartbeat is reduced” (”

You should  feel calm, cool (literally) and collected with the pop of one pill – so surely it provides an answer or does it?  


I am posing this question because I was recently asked by a fearful presenter if the drug is indeed the cure?  If it calms the presenter down and makes them feel relaxed what could be better?

The honest answer is this – I don’t know, I’ve never popped one!  But what I would ask is this:



“What was the experience like for your audience?”

Just because you feel great, means absolutely nothing in terms of how successful you were as a presenter .

The best indicator of your success is the reaction you get from your audience – How did they feel?  

Sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but how you (the presenter) feels is irrelevant!



How about thinking about these questions instead: 

  • Did you have energy and passion when you spoke?
  • Did you have a positive, grounded physical presence?
  • Did you engage with a strong vocal delivery?
  • Did your facial expression and eye contact connect with people? 
  • Did you talk “to people” or “at people”?
  • Were you connected emotionally to what you were saying?
  • Did you “own your stage”?
  • Did you feel energised after your presentation?

– If you’re not sure – then there’s your answer.



It should also be noted that the following are but a few of Beta Blockers side affects   “Some initial side effects (”

  • Sometimes the heart rate can go too slowly. This can make you dizzy or feel faint.
  • Some people develop cool hands and feet.
  • Tiredness, depression, impotence (you cannot get a proper erection)
  • vivid dreams, nightmares and other sleeping problems may occur.

So loads of scary side effects


I say, trust you natural skills, prepare, rehearse and as my mother very recently said; 

 “Face the fear and do it anyway”


You may just be very glad you did!

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