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“Thank you for your excellent guidance. I have learned a lot and feel therefore more confident. It was lovely to meet you and I would recommend ConfidentSpeak any time”

Senior Marketing ManagerBIOMARIN

“I highly recommend ConfidentSpeak to business professionals who are motivated to improve their communication skills in professional and personal life”

Eibhlin PayneDirector at Blizzard Entertainment

“Olivia is an amazing coach she really helped to bring the comms game up to the level, and successfully supported scaling up my influence and career progression”

Evgeni AgronikHead of Sales

“I wish I had learnt this a decade ago! Thank you.”

“Highly recommend.”

“Loved it!”

“Excellent, well done.”

“Very enjoyable. Clear, specific points to focus on all very relevant key areas to focus on reflection.”

“Really enjoyed the course – learned loads despite being a lecturer for a number of years.”

Women in Finance Conference 2019

Own your Room – Engaging with Stage Presence

 In Brief

Whether you need to speak with C level or to influence in a confident, credible manner, this keynote will give you the confidence to enjoy doing so.  What would that mean to you personally?

  • Imagine speaking, standing and moving with confidence and presence, in front of any audience to achieve your desired outcome (business growth and opportunity)
  • Know that you are seen as authentic and personable, ensuring greater connection
  • Understand how to appear with gravitas and charisma, not arrogance or aggression

Demystifying the Puzzle of Executive Presence

In Brief

  • It has long been acknowledged as a critical factor in leadership but it’s also an elusive term – “Skilled communicator”,  “has what it takes”, “self-confident”, are phrases often used to describe executive presence
  • The default assumption is to equate executive presence with appearance and presentation skills but they make up only a small piece of the “executive presence puzzle”!

Olivia brings you the first  scientifically validated tool to measure Executive Presence  (Bates Executive Presence Index™)

How to Influence Audiences when they don’t CARE

In Brief

Is your audience really listening to you?

Very often audiences are not from your world and don’t even want to listen to you! so shaping messages to achieve (1) a high level of understanding, (2) audience attention and (3) a desired call to action can be challenging.  This keynote shares powerful insights to executives and leaders to achieving this

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