Own Your Ideas, Own Your Voice, Own Your Room

What might be possible if you and your team could communicate with presence, clarity and credibility in every meeting, presentation or keynote speech?  What would that mean to you personally? What would that mean to your business?

ConfidentSpeak is a Communications & Executive Coaching Consultancy. We specialise in coaching people within S.T.E.M. sector companies to communicate with power, presence and grace to achieve their goals and visions.

Since 2006, we’ve helped executives, managers and leaders globally to craft and deliver communications with authority, presence and power.

Case Study: ConfidentSpeak & Doehler UK

Doehler UK is a global producer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.

They chose to work with ConfidentSpeak to help their Sales Director and Teams reach and exceed expectations WITHOUT increasing stress or anxiety.

Our Programmes

courses for public speaking skills

Present to Influence and Engage

You might have asked, “Can I become great at public speaking?”

The answer is, yes, you can! All you need is the right combination of guidance and action.

With ConfidentSpeak, public speaking mastery awaits you.

Engage with Vocal Presence

Imagine yourself instantly transforming your speaking style, simply by deliberately controlling your voice and body.

Imagine influencing and engaging your audience in the strongest way.

What would that mean to you personally?

What would that mean for your business success?

ConfidentSpeak verbal communications

Verbal Communication for Non-Native English Speakers

What would greater confidence when speaking mean for you both professionally and personally?

What would greater understanding from clients, customers and colleagues mean for you?

Imagine a world where you communicated in a clear, confident and unique manner for success and ease, what would that mean for you?

We enable you to master your true potential as a great communicator in the English language.

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