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Connecting people to belief in their inner ability

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Bringing the best of theatre to the world of business, we can make every word you say more effective.


We support and coach leaders to achieve their true potential in leadership communication.


Work on content and delivery so that you can relish, not resist, your next major presentation.

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"Communication should be the best it can be. It should make us feel something."

Olivia MacDonnell, Founder

Confident Speak is a unique coaching consultancy, transforming individuals by broadening their awareness of self and tapping into the power of real communication using mind, body and voice.

business meets performance

Confident Speak addresses the challenges of communication within the commercial arena by successfully bridging the worlds of theatrical principles, executive coaching and message crafting techniques – blending mind, body and voice to give clients a deep and robust experience.

Get started with a Confident Speak programme today. From online courses to in-depth one-to-one coaching and support.

“Working with Confident Speak helped me raise the effectiveness of my verbal and non-verbal business communication. I highly recommend Confident Speak to business professionals who are motivated to improve their communication skills.”

– Eibhlin Payne, Director, Blizzard Entertainment

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