Myths about public speaking

5 Myths About Public Speaking:  Debunked and Demystified

We’ve all been given advice when it comes to confident public…
5th June 2018/by adopt15
Why breathing is important for presentations

5 Reasons Why Breathing Correctly Is The #1 Tool For Great Communication

20th February 2018/by adopt15
Elon Musk authentic presenting

Elon Musk – Despite The SpaceX Presentation Being A Car Crash! Why 400,000 Views In 24 Hours? 3 Lessons On Authentic Presenting


Lessons in authentic presenting...given by Elon…
30th January 2018/by adopt15
Vocal delivery techniques from Oprah

Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe Speech – 5 Vocal Delivery Techniques You Can Hear And Learn From A Speech That May Go Down In History

Naturally much will be discussed over the coming week(s)…
8th January 2018/by adopt15

As 2017 Comes To A Close We Have This Little Message To Share With You…

Click below to enjoy our little Christmas Video...


22nd December 2017/by adopt15
Vocal warm up before presenting

Why does the presenter of Ireland’s most listened to radio show do a daily vocal warm-up ahead of presenting? Here’s why you should too!!

In the Irish times this weekend Joe Duffy, presenter of Irelands…
18th December 2017/by adopt15
Be tech savvy when it comes to presenting with technology

Be Tech Savvy When Presenting – Top 5 Must Dos For Technology Success In Your Next Presentation

Do you rely on presenting with technology?

Have you…
12th December 2017/by adopt15
Brene Brown an authentic speaker

With 32 Million Views Of Her TED Talk – We MUST Learn From Brene Brown About Becoming A Confident Presenter



Firstly, who is Brene Brown?

4th December 2017/by adopt15
Breath control and the King's Speech

5 Important Breathing Techniques You Can Learn From The Real "King’s Speech"…

Take control of your breathing to establish composure and confidence

21st November 2017/by adopt15
Spine chilling vocal delivery

Get in the Halloween Mood – take a moment and listen to Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’ – What A Wonderful Vocal Delivery

Oh what a wonderful  recitation of Edgar Allen Poe's, 'The…
31st October 2017/by adopt15
Stop these sales presentation techniques


For over a decade I have heard many sales presentations, the…
17th October 2017/by adopt15
Executive presentation skills

Understand How To Communicate Authentically With Credibility And Confidence With Our Vocal Presence Programme

Imagine yourself instantly improving any presentation or…
22nd September 2017/by adopt15
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