Voice & Communications



As a non native english speaker, pronunciation and clarity challenges can lead to mis-communication, confusion and ultimately hinder professional and personal development.

This tailored programme will ultimately ensure:

  • An increase in confidence both professionally and socially
  • Greater career and professional opportunities
  • Greater understanding from clients, customers and colleagues


Is this for you?

This programme is designed to:

  • Improve your pronunciation of English to ensure you speak with greater confidence and clarity
  • Polish your current accent and speaking style whether you are a native or non native speaker
  • Build your confidence when speaking using expertise from voice and speech techniques, english phonetics and elocution practices

Clear & Confident Speech Programme

  • Correction of vowel and consonant formation through an awareness of English phonetics
  • Learn techniques to help with fluency – understand principles of stress and connected speech
  • Articulate with greater clarity and commitment through work on tailored speech exercises
  • Use your voice to engage your listener with tailored techniques

What our clients have to say


“Olivia is the perfect companion for anyone keen to learn how to finally press that ‘unmute’ button!”

Martin Zustak, Senior Manager SAP


“Really effective useful day. Maria is a wonderful instructor”

John Connolly, Managing Director New England Asset Management


“The Pause, pitch, pace, articulation, volume and power words was incredibly useful and fun to experiment with. Also, understanding how nerves and breathing are so important to how you speak, I always knew this, but never had simple methods to overcome them”


Kyle Browne, Office Manager  – Quigley Preservation

Clear & Confident Speech Programme