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Executive Edge Programme

Executive Presence is complex to define and has many components.  Our Executive Edge Programme focuses on  executives style of communication to help build authentic, natural presence.

Our current clients are generally senior business people, who need to use their presence to communicate important information.  They need to be listened to, and taken seriously when necessary.  We enhance their communication skills to make sure that happens.

Whether they need to deal with the media in a confident, competent manner, or to inspire people from a stage in a large auditorium, we give them the confidence to enjoy doing so.

Is this programme for you/your team?


The Executive Edge programme is designed to address communication challenges faced in a leadership role.  By using techniques used by professional orators throughout history your team too can learn to:

  • Speak, stand and move with confidence, in front of any audience
  • Convey your ability to lead in all circumstances
  • Appear with gravitas and charisma – not arrogance or aggression
  • Know your audience sees you as authentic and personable
  • Be confident that they can portray themselves as they want to be seen

Executive Edge Programme


Our experienced consultants work with your team (max 4 attendees):

  • Clearly identify specific requirements and objectives
  • Develop a personalised programme to meet those objectives
  • Work through the programme, ensuring new skills are incorporated as the group progress.
  • Help set an action plan to make sure goals are achieved

We work with our clients on all aspects of building authentic communication including:

  • Using ConfidentSpeak’s Models to help structure messages in an engaging manner
  • Using voice to engage and connect emotionally with audiences
  • Acquiring performance techniques to create a commanding presence and gain buy-in from audiences
  • Professional, constructive feedback and advice on existing structure and & style

What our clients are saying



“Your training programme has allowed me to deliver an effective message that my audience can relate to. I have become a more effective communicator.” Sean Ryan, Sales Director, Kerry Group.



“I highly recommend Confident Speak to business professionals. Working with them has helped me enormously…I feel my impact and influencing ability have increased as a result” Eibhlinn Payne, Director, Blizzard Entertainment

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